The Affiliate Program

Vegas World is the first social casino MMORPG! Enter a rich online virtual world where you play the wildest casino games and WIN! Play casino style games such as Social Slots, Social Video Poker, Multiplayer Poker, Texas Hold'em, Multiplayer Blackjack, and Multiplayer Pool and Bingo. All games are multiplayer with groups of 6-8. Slot players share jackpots and Poker players play in a hot tub! Also, Lucky Charms connect to all games within Vegas World and these Charms increase winnings instantly. Party with friends in lounges, dance clubs, pool areas, and a virtual hotel in Vegas World!

Become a Vegas World Affiliate and Cash In!

The Vegas World Affiliate Program provides a simple way to make money with no commitment required! Here are some of the Vegas World Affiliate Program highlights:

  • Embed Vegas World into your website with a simple iFrame or put Vegas World banners on your website
  • Receive 40% of any revenue generated from Vegas World customers referred by you
  • Access reporting tools to see daily breakdowns of your registration and revenue information
  • Signing up is FREE so join today!


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